I’m Starting to go Bald: Can Lasers Help?

Here at Rose Lavande Med Spa, in Houston, Texas, our expert team of skin specialists, led by Dr. Tasneem Agha, offer the most effective aesthetic treatments available in a beautifully serene atmosphere that’s designed to make you feel like a celebrity.

We’re very pleased to offer a wide variety of advanced skin resurfacing treatments that help restore youthful vibrancy to your skin. This includes laser therapy to erase acne scars, smooth and tighten sagging skin, lighten age spots, remove unwanted tattoos, reduce redness associated with rosacea, and otherwise revitalize skin affected by aging, sun damage, and other environmental issues.

We can also assure you that many of our members enjoy the outstanding results they experience from laser treatments for anti-balding treatments.

What makes lasers effective for so many different skin issues?

Laser therapy addresses a wide variety of skin-related issues by using specific wavelengths to penetrate various levels of your dermal (skin) layer. When fine tuned to treat the condition in question, the laser energy triggers the body’s natural healing process to repair or replace damaged tissue with new, healthy skin. 

Different lasers work best for different conditions and some laser treatments are less invasive than others. Ablative lasers, for instance, work by essentially wounding/removing the top layer of skin to create a natural healing response. Non-ablative lasers, on the other hand, including intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, provide just enough heat to underlying skin layers to stimulate collagen production and renewal without damaging surface tissue.

Here at Rose Lavande, we use the Rohrer Aesthetic Spectrum laser and IPL system. This versatile platform includes four lasers and an advanced IPL system that gives our specialists the tools they need to provide the outstanding results our clients expect.

How does laser therapy help with hair restoration?

A study published by the National Institutes of Health notes that the low-level laser energy produced during hair restoration treatments helps shift hair follicles from their resting or dormant phase into the growth (anagen) phase. 

It’s felt that the treatments accomplish this by improving circulation to the hair follicles, which increases the availability of nutrients, stem cells, and other substances used by your body to promote new hair growth. What this means for you is thicker, more luxurious hair without the need for hair transplants or daily medications.

This is essentially the opposite of what we accomplish with laser hair removal which, when we turn up the heat with a different laser type, eventually destroys the follicle’s ability to produce hair.

What can I expect during laser hair restoration treatments?

Any treatment strategy we design here at Rose Lavande Med Spa is customized to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Your provider discusses recommendations and details of your personalized plan before scheduling a service.

In general, however, laser hair restoration therapy is painless, relaxing, and effective for both men and women. Each session takes about 15 minutes to complete. There are no special aftercare requirements, meaning you can expect to return to your normal daily routine immediately after leaving our spa.

For a comprehensive evaluation and consultation regarding our laser hair restoration treatments, or any of the aesthetic services we offer, schedule a visit at Rose Lavande Med Spa today. 

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